Monday, 1 December 2014

Meg's zoetrope: The final outcome

My zoetrope final outcome.

I had to create a 24 frames of moving images on a long strip of paper on anything I want. I decided to create a character with his mask crumbling apart only to reveal another mask that opens up to reveal the same mask that broke before and it continues on, never to stop. I drew it by hand and then created it on the computer using Photoshop for each of the frames. I had to create a way to make the mask move under the hair and over the body so I separated them with different layers (like a sandwich) then I had to added more layers for each pieces of the mask that falls apart, which was difficult to manage. The character and mask ideas I created back when I was in high school and I named him Bladesta, who wears a gas mask and goggles and has long hair.

Overall I really enjoyed creating it and completing this project and I'm happy how it turned out. I was hoping to complete a project along the lines of this topic at some point of the course and I was hyped to see how they animate across the zoetrope. It was fun and I enjoyed being creative and loved showing my final outcome to other students and teachers as it feels like i've done something correct, impressive and something I had fun with. It was also enjoyable to see all the other student's work presented and I was happy what they produced as well.

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