Friday, 27 March 2015


During Simon's class we had to gain or create an image to make it look like it has a 3D layout. I selected Honnouji Academy location with the scissor blade on top of a pile of rubble in Kill la kill. I cut out the  scissor blade and the pile of rubble and copied it to a separate layer and did the same with the Honnouji Academy's building on to a different layer and then the clouds on another separate layer.  then we imported these images on to Adobe After effects where we made the image look 3D by moving the to the side at different pace.  the foreground would move in a quicker pace than the background.
The video below shows  the completed work. 
The image below is what kill la kill Honnouji Academy looks like before I used Photoshop to edit it.

Intro to Rigging- techniques part 2 Eyes

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Rigging Techniques 1: Leg Piston

Intro to Texturing: Double Sided Shader

During Simon's class we learnt how to paste an image on a double sided page within the book.


Intro to texturing: Networks-X-Ray Shader

During Simon's class we learnt how to shine X-ray to our object.  

Intro to texturing: Maya fur preset & Attributes

During Simon's class we used Maya to generate different types of fur on to a plain.




Jordan's class

During Jordan's class we had to draw our own faces on Photoshop, I decided to step out of my shell and draw my face with different paint brush. Instead of drawing my final portrait I drew more thumbs sketches of my face.   

Monday, 23 March 2015

Simon class

During class we had to create a picture in Photoshop then place it in Maya, where we cover up our objects with the Photoshop picture and run the ball around it making the 2D image seem 3D.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

life drawing class-postcards

In this class we had to draw our model but this time we has to draw him in a small piece of card.
 The first drawing was completed as practice before we could move on with our card drawing.

I used pencil drawing for these two as I'm quite familiar with it.
This one I decided try something new so used black and white acrylic paint for this one.  

These are drawings I did by using pen.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hi Phil
I took you advice and continued on selecting more shapes and designed characters for my assignment. I looked into cubes and came up with a new ideas and wanted to know what you think.
The first picture below is more character designs. I've taken a liking to number five as something for the flu to inflect. It will float around and move it's body like a rubix cube that has a bright blue glow, which children can easily tell that it is the "good guy" and as for a little bonus for the character design I'm adding the Binary code that'll change rapidly.
 My idea is still the same in terms of moving around within the body like a rollercoaster however visually it will be set in a digital world, where the characters and settings looks like it is inside of an computer, which children might find more appealing. I quickly drawn up what it would basically look like on the second picture below. 
I look forward to hearing your opinions.


Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Hi Phil 

Considering that you talked about my character designs on the green light review you didn't say how I could improve it or what I need to look into. you you please comment on what part of my character design that could be expanded or improved, thank you. 

I've uploaded pictures of my characters below. 

visual effects

Non-linear deformers completed

Intro to rigging

 Intro to Rigging - Techniques part 3 Can Exchange completed

Monday, 9 March 2015

Photoshop class (hand drawing) 9/3/15

In class we had to draw five different hand poses in one hour, sadly I only managed to complete 3 poses during that time as I wanted to get the technique right, after the time limit had gone we had a choice to continue this task for those who didn't complete it in time or copy from an artist work and analyse the colours. I continued as I believe hand drawing may coming in handy for designing characters in the near future. 

The pictures below shows my results of my hard work and careful studying of my left hand. We had to colour it in as well which was quite difficult and i've noticed that I have very grey hands but that could be due to the lighting in the room so the first drawing is a little dull. Jordan noticed this and helped me on the second hand drawing (the middle hand on the first picture) and explained how colours work visually and I took that advice and continued on with the others (as you can see on the second picture).  

Friday, 6 March 2015

Illistrator class (6/3/15)

During Simon's illustrator class we continued to learn more information about how to use Adobe illustrator. I leant how use the mech tool so the selected object can look shiny, also shape builder, which cuts up the shapes so they look like they are going though each other etc.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Blog submission - Soundscape


In this assignment our class was told to create thirty seconds of sound for three different images that we got. We randomly picked a number out of a blue box from 1 to 8. I got Soundscape box number 7 so I checked on the file I got and had to figure out how to create sound for these images.

Finished soundscape: Picture 1

Finished soundscape: Picture 2

Finished soundscape: Picture 3

Original recorded audio for my soundscape assignment. 

Sonic Concept

Blog submission - Soundscape


Editing process

The picture below is a screenshot of my editing during my first exercise where I learnt how to edit sound by using adobe audition. I learnt how to use convolution reverb, phaser/flanger and stretch and pitch, which slows down or speeds up a selected audio.

Picture below is a screenshot of my finished "Picture 1" soundscape editing process.

 I focused on using "my hands running though Lego" audio (on track 2) to make the clanking noise for the image I was given and I mainly edited the audio so that it can give off an echo-like-surroundings so that it can make the picture look bigger. I also used the keyboard (on track 3) for one note that plays throughout the sequence while changing its volume louder and quieter, however I knew that it wasn't enough so I recorded myself flicking ornaments in my house so I can give off a gentleness that the image may suggest and placed an recording of  a reversed quiet zip (on track 4) so that the image can have an usual yet subtle effect. 

Picture below is a screenshot of my finished "Picture 2" soundscape editing process.

I mainly focused on making the audio for the second image peaceful, calm and majestic. I looked at the bright colours that was shown and thought of ways how a colour would sound so therefore I used an xylophone and recorded each noise separately so I can edit them together so they would create an peaceful tune, however as editing went on I also placed in keys jingling (on track 6) so it adds a little more to the background rather than emptiness. During the duration of the audio you can hear the playful notes build up and gains more noise, which feels as though that the colours are communicating with each other and can welcome the listeners into their world. 

Picture below is a screenshot of my finished "Picture 3" soundscape editing process.

I wanted the third picture to feel out of this world so I focused on brining it alive by recording anything I thought would sound perfect. First idea that came into my head was a couple of scraping noise so it would sound like it is caressing the orb however I thought of many ways to make it sound alien by reversing the tap water at the beginning and the rotation of the sofa that gives of an echo. At the last part of the soundscape I wanted something usual to finish the build up I was creating so I added in a keyboard effect when everything turns quiet, which may leave the listeners in suspense that has the orb hatched into an alien. 

The video below shows my original recorded audio and the edited audio that I've used for my final three soundscape.

This video shows my editing and then the original audio that I have used for my three soundscape.

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