Thursday, 27 November 2014

Life drawing art class (4)



After our warm-up of doing quick sketches of our model we had to use colour and draw our model with the surroundings, this was slightly difficult as I decided to use a blue pen for this and scribbled lines to resemble he shadows. Then we had a lot of time just to draw our model in a unique pose with the objects that are there with him.  


Life drawing art class (3)



During life drawing class we had the same model again and we had a warm-up where we had to draw him in a short amount of time that the teacher gradually shortens after each picture. Then after the warm-up we can move around and draw any parts of his body while his was sitting down until the end of the class. I drew his head and body and then decided to draw the feet.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Lighting and rendering

 1: Exterior Lighting - Mid Day completed
Another day in Simon's class where I learnt how to light up my settings for mid-day.


louis Comfort Tiffany building ideas.

Building ideas number 1

1) Branches to support the roof
3) glass leafs
4) a tunnel that leads up to the top
5) the base of the tree
6) Glass window
7) the lift
8) flower for the glass design
9) the design of the wood

Repulsion review. (1965)

Repulsion review.

The story starts off in England where a beautiful women named Carol, who shares the apartment with her older sister and her husband. Carol works as a manicurist at a beauty salon where she spends most of her time daydreaming and stays silent. She ends up meeting a young man called Colin, who begins to obsess over her really quickly, which makes her feels uncomfortable. At that point Carol’s older sister and her husband leave on a trip to Italy, which means that Carol is left alone in the apartment where she now seclude herself from everyone else. She slowly becomes insane, seeing things that are not there and constantly have nightmares. Colin worries about her and barrages though the front door only to make her panic and killing the young man. She improves about what to do with the body so she tosses the corps in the bath filled with water and at that point the landlord also broke in the apartment to take his rent from Carol. Because she is young and beautiful the landlord offers her to keep the money in exchange for the use of her body. She refuses and kills him then hides his body under the sofa. She stays indoors continuously having nightmares and seeing visions until her sister and husband arrives back home from their holiday. They arrive only to see their apartment destroyed and continued to look for Carol but only to find a dead corps in the bath. The older sister panicked at the horrific sight and screamed, which caused everyone in the other apartments to arrive to see the commotion. They all witness everything and tried to call the police until she is found however the older sister found Carol under her bed passed out. The husband picks her up and takes her out of the building.

The film does brilliantly making you feel agitated and uneasy by having scenes dragged out full of suspense. The film does make you ask yourself questions like “Is the scene where she is being used for sexual purpose against her will a dream or reality?” or “Why is all of this happening in the first place?” which can draw you into the film, however it can lead to the bad points of the general movie where nothing is answered and their for the audience might be frustrated but it seems as this film answered your questions but in a subtle way by not directly telling you them. The film is also in black and white which is used effectively as the shadows are darker and it can be difficult to see the visuals and there for it drags the audience’s eyes closer to the screen by forcing you to pay attention. Some scenes are done brilliantly by having the sound quite down and it takes its time by creating suspension and questioning what is happening.  The camera angles have been used effectively though out this movie by having it pan slowly to reveal something or nothing or shown close up of their character’s face, which shows a great deal of their emotions. Lastly the film main settings is in the apartment where we see it goes though changes by having the rooms bigger or smaller, cracks appear of the walls which makes it look like her world is crumbling apart and that the arms appearing out the wall can symbolize the men that are trying to use her for their sexual purpose.

The bad points of the film is hard to analyze. Almost everything in this movie is perfect, however that been said Carol could have been interesting but instead she was dull and dreary at the very beginning. There is a tiny change between what she was like at the beginning and when she was kissed by Colin but it could have been used effectively if she had a different personality. For example: she could have been a happily, talkative, out-going young women but then after Colin’s kiss it could have brought back the nightmares of when she was young, which ultimately unlocks her deep parts of her subconscious memories. That can cause her pain and a complete change in her personality where everyone will notice and send her off to the apartment thinking she is unwell. In the movie she is the same then as she was at the beginning however if it wasn’t for the scenario or the visuals of the story no one would be able to tell what’s going on and completely agree with Colin with his reactions whatever her actions are.

Overall this movie gets a 9.2/10. It’s a fantastic movie, worth watching and leaves you thinking at the end. I question would the film be better if it was in colour and the more I think about it I think the answer should be NO! The black and white makes it feel darker and harder to see than every than any other horror genre movies. It deserves to be recognized as a great a suspenseful film. The story, settings are done really well and the no audio or soundtracks that’s been used throughout the scenes are used effectively. Characters could have been interesting however with all of the great points it feels as though that this issue can be ignored or it’s unnoticeable however they did make Carol look helpless by making her look like an "angel" by having shinny white (blonde) hair with white clothes which can symbolize purity and because it's a loose clothing it can show how weak and helpless she is and it makes the audience want to protect her. It’s actually worth watching and interesting to hear many other’s opinions on this movie.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Influence Maps: What "if" Metropolis.

For my assignment I had Louis Comfort Tiffany so I did research on him and his art style and managed to gain several ideas that I was inspired by as you can see in the Influence map below.

I managed to focus my designs on nature as that is the main theme in his art work and how people can live happily in them.



Monday, 17 November 2014

digital sets: part 2 UV layout & texturing preporations

I've spent my day in Simon's Maya lessons completing Maya tutorial videos and as of now I am half way completed on video 2: Digital Set "UV layout & texturing preparation". As you can see I'm making progress however due to unexpected problems I had to start this part over again. I kept on getting confused and lost however after restarting it I can finally see what I did wrong in the previous one and aim to continue making progress and learn though my mistakes (Bookmarked on duration: 00:25:15).

Thumbnails developed: Louis Comfort Tiffany City

I tried to develop my city thumbnail ideas by shading and colouring then on Photoshop (Jordan Buckner completed the first two in order to explain how to use the software and help me out with my ideas as well as gave me his opinions). I shaded in numbers 3-8 thumbnails. So far I believe that this a good step to show improvements and they might lead me to my finished concept art for Louis Comfort Tiffany.  

Friday, 14 November 2014

Digital sets: part 1 modelling

Tutorial: digital sets completed.  

I've completed the first part of the tutorial on Digital sets. I created the alley and also made an arch and a window. After that part I had to create a Lamp and chest, which I'm pleased that I managed to do this well. Soon I'll start off part two of the tutorial videos. I'm proud of myself that it managed to go well.

Thumbnails on Louis Comfort Tiffany's City

Louis Comfort Tiffany city thumbnails
(by Jacky Wootton)
Considering that Louis' art theme is mainly based on nature I mainly focused on that while also thinking about how people would live there. In these thumbnails drawings I've drawn some ideas that would make this city a beautiful place to live in considering that he believes that nature is beautiful. I mainly drawn the city in a nice peaceful utopia where plants and leafs are breakable glass. I researched a few flowers and trees and tried to see if I can create them in a stain glass form, which is an art technique Louis is known for.  I created houses that people co-exist with the plant and decided that their buildings should be up high where they can see a beautiful view by having the houses built between or on the trees with bridges connecting to each other.

(Last one was done by Jordan Buckner to help me come up with ideas).  

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Life drawing art class (2)

My classmates and I had to start off the lesson where we had to draw our model again, as a starter we did a warm up where just drew our model any way we want. the first picture showed my results, which personally I think it turned out great although I wished I had more time.
 we leaned about completing sketches by only focusing in the space between the body (meaning the areas that are around the arms and legs etc.) and then using our drawing equipment shade the body where the light shines though the mussel tone. The second drawing shows my results, I don't thing it turned out bad but it's nowhere near perfect or even good.
The last drawing was basically draw however we want however we must try to put in what we've learnt. At that point my right arm started to hurt and we still had time left so I didn't want to seem like I was completed or not bothered in her class to I shaded in the third drawing with my left hand, which is not the hand I am used to nor any good with. Sadly it didn't go as well as I hoped.  

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Black Narcissus review (1947)

 Black Narcissus review (1947)
May God have mercy on your soul…


The story starts off with a group of Nuns that was going to change an old buildings on the edge of the cliff into a new church where they plan to teach can children what to believe in. There they meet Mr. Dean, a dashingly handsome, cocky man who knows what there is to know about this exotic location and he helps guide the nuns into understanding their ways. During that time one of the sisters was ill and becomes completely obsessed with Mr. Dean, which caused her to become jealous and insane that she discarded her vowels and tries to kill one of the sisters which ultimately was her undoing…  


The film is brilliantly when it comes down to original ideas and story. I haven’t seen a movie quite like this and I doubt many have either. The settings is lovely and the view is beautiful to look at. The pacing is done brilliantly, which allows uneasy tension to present itself from the audience slowly as the movie progress. The film also gains an extra points for brilliant camera techniques. Like high angle, bird’s eyes view and long shots to establish the layout of the locations.    


Even though that this is a great film it hurts to admit that it does suffers a few major problems. Thanks to the nuns only wearing the white robe it becomes difficult to tell which one is which, you only have their faces to see and even then it’s quite difficult to tell the nuns apart and it is important to understand the characters. There is also the problem of too much fade to black which can feel more like the scene gave up on itself, which is a shame. It feels as though that the movie is saying “Hello, here is the story… oh five minutes are up, on to something else” or that a feeling that the ending credits will pop up and you are there sitting thinking “is… is that it? Oh nope still going.” It’s a filming technique that would work effectively if it happens a few times but they use it more times than the Star Wars prequels using wipes to change locations. Also the sound is hard to hear especially when the characters yell at each other. When you listen to the film it sounds ok but then you get this sudden burst of noise from the characters that you can’t hear what they was yelling about.


Overall this movie gets 6.9/10. It a good movie but far from being perfect. The characters are indeed a problem. Not that there is anything wrong with them or their acting, it’s just that it can be difficult to tell the nuns apart. The soundtrack doesn’t standout for me and that there is a few sexual points that is presented on screen in a hidden message, which does help the build-up in the story as well as the change of the characters and what they have to go though. Sister Ruth is the one that under goes a transformation and you can clearly see that as she removes her pure white robes for the sexy bold red dress which can mean that she is possessed by the devil and his power of lust. The settings as I’ve mentioned before are lovely and beautiful, especially the iconic bell area. I would personally recommend something else as I doubt this film would appeal to everyone however it is worth noting that you’ll won’t find another film quite like this one and it deserves to be viewed.


Friday, 7 November 2014

Edward Scissorhands review

Edward Scissorhands review

A man full of child-like wonder.

The movie starts off with an elderly women telling her grand-daughter a bedtime story about when her mother found a mysterious man called Edward with scissors for hands and in pity and takes him into her house to look after him. There Edward finds new objects and discovers people that would greet him with open arms. The man with scissors for hands enjoys a barbecue with the neighbours. Talking, learning, listening until it was all over and he fell asleep on a water bed, which happened to belong to the daughter, Kim, who returns home early than the family expected and enters her bedroom where Edward was sleeping. She screamed to alarm the family that there was an intruder in the house only to be explained that it was a kind and gentle man that lived inside the dark castle nearby. The next morning Edward discovered a talent that he can cut bushes to make them look like animals and objects. Everyone was impressed and later asked him to cut the dogs fur which made the pet look fashionable, at that point one of them asked to cut their hair. He agrees and done just that which caused everyone to have one done from him too. Edward became a celebrity with everyone generating a fad of his style of haircuts. Days later and Kim and her boyfriend asks him to break into a house, there he was caught and taken to jail only to be freed and taken home. Christmas is coming and everyone was getting ready with decorations, even Edward was preparing for the holiday by cutting a giant ice block when he accentually cut Kim's hand. He jealous boyfriend got angry and continues to push and threaten Edward. As a response to control his anger he goes off on a rampage, cutting and stabbing anything in his way causing a fuss. The furious boyfriend decided to hunt down Edward only to follow him to the dark castle where the battle goes underway. Kim join them and gets smacked, which caused Edward to get even angrier that he stabbed the boyfriend and decides to hide in the castle where he will bother no one and so the story ends with Kim being an old women that was telling the story.
The film mainly focus on Edward discovering new things and that is what gives it is charm, it’s almost like watching a child that’s learning new things. The audience would know what to do with these things or situations because it’s what we do in our everyday lives but seeing Edward learning these new things really makes you think on how you do stuff. The film does brilliantly on talking about disability by having Edward (Looking like a grown man) undergo difficulties in the most simplest of tasks by having scissors as hands, which makes the audience feels a strong sense of pity for him. We want to help him but we can’t plus would they want us help them? Everyone has this great sense of pride so it is difficult to tell if they want us to help them or not. Like picking up a glass for them to drink, putting on clothes etc however this movie also tells us how to help them. For example: when Edward was picking up a glass he was struggling to succeed so the father gave him a straw so it was possible for Edward to drink. He gave the right amount of help not too much that it makes Edward feel like a child but not too little so you’ll have to deal with watching him suffer. The actors are amazingly talented in portraying the characters like Johnny Depp as Edward. Despite only having a few lines he has to focus on expressing his facial expressions, which can be difficult as he has to act like everything is new and not to get over excited otherwise people will get hurt.

The story, pacing and the main character are perfect to a point that it’s difficult to find any bad points without being nit-picking (Like where did Edward get the giant ice cubes when he is meant to be hiding from  everyone at the end of the movie?) There is some points that looks “fake”. For example: The cutting the hair moments, it obvious that all he is doing to fiddling with the hair while bits of fluff is spraying everywhere but that’s what gives it its charm and excitement.  The main flaw is that there is less screen time between Edward and Kim but because of that it gives off this Disney feeling that we all just have to except.
Overall this film gets a 9.2/10. A fantastic film that you cannot live without and highly recommended. It’s both whimsical yet dark, joyful yet sad, beautiful yet ugly, basically a perfect balance between light and dark. The film does brilliantly with everything it does, majestic settings, beautiful soundtrack and romantic story. This film has it all and I doubt that anyone would dislike this marvellous film.  Edward brings back what we all forgotten… the joys of life and child-like wonder.  

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

life drawing class

During life drawing class we had a model that we had to draw. The first picture I used charcoal pencil and then graphite pencil on the second drawing. The third picture however we had to draw different poses of him in under 3 minutes or less. the time for the drawing gets shorter each time, which I found difficult as  it didn't give me enough time for me to analyze the structure of the body so I mainly just focused on the face if I can. The last drawing I did with a HB pencil, which is something I'm used to.  we had to draw the model again except this time we got 10 minutes to complete it. I mainly focused on the top half of the body as I knew I wouldn't have enough time to complete the whole sketch.