Friday, 27 February 2015

Meg's class classic twin adobe flash

During Meg's class we  learnt more techniques on Adobe flash and we focused our attention on using Classic twin technique where you select an item or drawing and it animates for you. The videos below shows what I've managed to achieve during lesson.  

Illustrator Class

During Simon's class we had to learn how to use Adobe illustrator, he gave us useful tips and advice while teaching us how to use the new software. Adobe Illustrator is  like Adobe Photoshop and it helps me to understand this software better as I know quite a lot in Photoshop.
The first picture shows  how the tools work and my testing of  them. The second and third picture shows my tracing of the Gurren Lagann logo that he showed us how to do so by using the pen tool and the reflect tool on the Batman logo. 
(My first attempt at re-creating the Gurren Lagann logo)
(My second attempt at re-creating the Gurren Lagann logo, Simon's tutoring)
(Gurren Lagann logo)

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Character part 2: Texturing

Here is what I've completed by using Maya on my Mac. I added colour so that my characters could look more appealing and followed the tutorials perfectly without any issue.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

photoshop class

During Photoshop class we had to create a replica of an painting created by artist. We had the rule that we couldn't copy the colours that is already on the painting and therefor we had to analyze what the  colours are and replicate it on the box next to the picture.   

As for this painting we was told to flip upside down and replace next to it for 15 minutes then flip it right side up to continue it.

The principles of digital animation


arm - anticipation & follow though

Walk cycles - mechanics

This time during class we had to make a character perform a walk cycle this is my result during my lesson and also I made an arm move so it can grab a can.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Script to Screen Presentation

Character Bio

Character Bio

Diver (Frogman)

Age: 20-25

occupation: Diver/Frogman

A man who never shows his face while working. He completes his task by diving into the body of a patient so he can suck up all the fat from famous celebrity. He is brave and able to change in without fear but occasionally can become sarcastic.

The Fat Blob

Created by a bunch of fat stuck together within the patient's body. This create can spit its body apart and has no bone structure and the separated parts of his body can expand as well as float around for movement. This create can absorb anything that gets in its way. 

The Doctor

Age: 25-30 

occupation: Surgeon

He just completes his job with his fellow teammates and other surgeon. He mainly looks out for the Diver (frogman) by guiding him around the body and give the Diver constant support when need.

The Second Doctor

Age: 25-30 

occupation: Surgeon

He just completes his job with his fellow teammates and other surgeon. He mainly helps out by handing important tools to help the Doctor succeed in their mission.

2D Pre-Viz Animation

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pre_viz video

As I am running out of time I'm only going to show 4 pre-viz examples that shows key points of my story about a frogman with a hoover as a weapon that sucks up fat within a human's body.  

Monday, 16 February 2015

Finishing character designs and hoover designs

This is what my main protagonist will look like while wearing the helmet. I gave him a basic look and face and after doing that I feel like the character could be more appealing without the face being revealed. 

This is the hoover device that is used by the main protagonist as a weapon to be used against fat. The design I feel is interesting and really cool. I like the structure of how the buttons look and I also love the transformation idea, which is basically a second layer that stretches out then connects together to creates the suction part of the hoover that glows up. Personally I think the idea is really cool although I feel it's somewhat difficult to achieve. 

Character design: Other protagonist design.

During the creation of my main character (the Frogman) I tried to previously character some designs that would come though later. The first picture was mostly create by Simon who was trying to teach me how to use sketchbook pro. 

The second and third picture was me sketching out some basic ideas for my main character from the tools and technique that was shown to me. 

Character design: fat blob

This design is simple but I feel it's effective as this creature has no human structure but has the human's facial features. For example: this character has no eyes yet the way the fat folds into itself makes it look like it does, same applies for its mouth. Even though that this character is supposed to look fat and circular I still remembered the character design class so I sharpened the edges of the curves that can look like triangles, which can represents evil rather than friendly. As for the colour I clearly made it look like a chunk of fat that it is based off and I added a white bright line on this character so it looks fattening and glossy.

Concept art location: Cosmetic surgery clinic and inside patient's body

The design of the cosmetic surgery clinic is the same as the original design however I removed the shrinking machine as I thought it would be pointless and a waste of time so instead I would use the hoover device to shrink the user by itself. This room has a TV so that the doctors can see where the Diver (frogman) is located within the body. The blue lines at the bottom are energy streams that powers up everything within that room making anything impossible possible.  I'm personally not proud of this art work as it looks unappealing and trying to think of techniques that could make it look more professional and thinking about what to do with it. The colours are bland (Most of it being grey) but I researched many designs for cosmetic surgery clinic and they all look basically like this only I made some changes. 

This is what it will look like inside the body where the Diver (frogman) is exploring. The red circler objects are known as red blood cells and I thought it might be interesting to see the diver swim past them.  considering that some fat can clog up in these parts of the body it would make sense to have the battle scene happen here. Personally I quite like this art work compare to the cosmetic surgery clinic as I love the bright red tunnel that seems to go on forever and the red cells can also have a part in making this location feel more alive and dangerous to be in. I looked into the blood cells and what they may look like and I feel as though that I captured their look on how floaty they can be. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Meg's animation class blobman

Main Character design: completed

The first picture above show my progression into designing this character's suit. I started to sketch the main body and then work around it by adding items or clothing. I then when over the sketch I made in ink on the software called sketchbook pro and then used photoshop to finish in the colouring with the added info that explains some of the suit's abilities.

As you can see that I've clearly taken an interest in my number 8 helmet design from earlier and combines some ideas from clothing ideas from number 1 and 6, which lead me to my final design drawing as you can see before you. In response to what Phil stated in the previous comment I tried to make it look tighter on the body as much as I could however the grey top is designed to be like an armour so therefore it must stick out more but the trousers and red top is designed to be more flexible.

While creating the colour I was thinking about using purple or dark blue as his other colour (which would be replacing grey) however I decided to stick with the red and grey as he can blend in with the blood's natural colour and also the grey (silver) is mainly to show that he is filled with high-tech equipment. The blue strip on the side of his legs is meant to be a streak of line that would glow and he was in a dark area the other teammates (if any) can see where he/she is. I like the blue streak line as it can do something about blandness of a normal black trousers.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

character design 2: protagonist frogman suit

These my character designs I did today. These are suit designs that the frogman might be wearing during the scene where he dives into the body. I mainly focused on buttons he will use on the left arm and straps where it might look appealing and not making him one dimensional like most frogman suits normally are. The colours I've selected are meant to be used as an example and not fully meant to be the actual final colour for the outfit itself. It is there to show what colours might work and for what shapes. The spiral fire on the far right is a logo I designed years ago and thought it might look appealing in my own work.
Personally I find number 6 the most appealing with its bold colours and style but I plan on combining the ideas from number 1 design's stream of light that flows though the suit to number 6 style. However I'm curious about what does everyone else think.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Character designs: Frogman's Helmet.

These are my main protagonist's helmet designs I came up with. The blue shade indicates where the glass would be. The main character I got is a frogman (Diver) that dives inside a human. Personally I feel helmet number 8 is my favorite but  please feel free to comment on you opinions on this sketch.

Friday, 6 February 2015

The Principles of Digital Animation

The bouncing ball part 1: on the spot

The bouncing ball part 2: travel and rotation

pendulum swing - settle and rest
Chain - secondary action & overlap
Toadstool - squash & stretch


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Character design class

This time we have to create a character and storyboard during class. We had a random scene where I got a western setting and good vs evil as a topic. I designed a devil sherif (on the left) and a religious hunter (on the right) with a cross machine gun and light cross sword.  

The storyboard I've done is set in a bar with the devil sherif sitting and enjoying taking charge until the religious hunter steps in to destroy the darkness. He shots at him which causes the devil to dematerialise and reborn behind the hunter to strike back.

Character design class

In this class we had to learn about the settings and what should it look like so we ended up having a random location and a random building or setting given to us. I ended up with ocean and circus meaning I had to create something like an underwater entertainment building. I came up with 4 ideas for this scenario. 

First idea:  This my drawing of a shell in underwater with a hole in it for the entrance to the building. 

Second idea: I as thinking about back story for the building while I was drawing the first idea so I came up with a sunken ship pointing upwards as well as pearls are used as spotlights to attract the audience to come and enjoy the entertainment.  

Third idea: I was thinking of the god of the sea, Neptune and what would he do in his free time for entertainment. I remembered that Neptune was one of the geek gods and that lead me to Disney's Hercules film that lead me to the thunder god Zeus. In the film there is a building where a statue was built to honour him. I created this building for Neptune by using Zeus' temple to help form my ideas. I added a giant shell as the roof and bent the pillars so it would look more that Neptune's ideal building.

Forth idea: I went over board on this idea as I was thinking about what if humans lived underwater and created a glass bulb where the performance is taking place and the buildings are surrounding the bulb so that people can see even in their apartment.