Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Suspiria Review (1977)

Suspiria review (1977)
(Fig 1: movie poster, Suspiria)
Created in 1977, Dario Argento mainly focus in his background setting designs by using such beautiful, bold and vibrant colours and unusual choice in shapes for the structure of the building. The story and actors seem to take itself too seriously but the visuals makes it questioned could this be a spoof film? The story is about a young girl who attends to a privet school where they teach ballet and throughout her journey she'll unleash the truth behind the school. it has a good idea but follows though in a cartoon fashion. 

(Fig 2: inside the ballet studio)

The settings and background is done gorgeously by having bright bold red smother the building itself and throughout the film bright colourful lights will hit the background or the character’s faces, which is effective as the audience gets to see their emotions or when something mysterious happens. The sound track is the high point of this film by having the iconic sound play very loudly at the beginning before the movie starts and then the film plays it again when trouble is around however the film struggles to find a point where it sounds too quiet for the audience to hear the character's talking or too loud where the iconic song is played. The death scenes that are shown may look obviously fake and therefore can ruin the realistic way the film is portraying.  
(Fig 3: gorgeous settings in Suspiria)



Kayliegh Anderson said...

Jacky you need to read some of the comments that your peers have been leaving you, this is the 11th review you've written yet you still haven't taken in everything they've said. These film reviews aren't supposed to be a way of recording your opinions but instead are a way of practicing for your contextual studies essays which must be written in third person! (The word I shouldn't be used!)

You also need 3 quotes from other people for each review, these are to help back up any thoughts you have about the film much like you would in an essay. These quotes must fit into your review and MUST be referenced properly with harvard referencing (a handy guide on how to do this is on the MyUCA website). If you're a little confused basically a small citation going after the quote in the actual review and the link goes into a bibliography at the bottom. (Emma especially writes great reviews so have a look at hers to help -

I've also noticed you don't reference your images either. Each image should have say fig. 1 etc under them and be referenced in a similar way to the quotes in an illustration list.

It's good you're getting these up so quick but you shouldn't ignore the people who are trying to help you format these correctly.

Jackie said...

Kayleigh... you beat me to it!
Yes Jacky, everything kayleigh has said is true.... I have been trying to advise you from the start, but you don't seem to be taking that advice on board :(
Please look back at your previous film reviews, at the comments left by myself and others... basically everything I have said (so many times before!)stands for this film too.
Writing these reviews is supposed to be a practice run for the essays that you need to write for contextual studies, and eventually your dissertation. This is the time to listen to the advice, and develop an academic style of writing. Not everyone finds this easy, but if you at least get the hang of using quotes and referencing correctly, you will be taking a step in the right direction.

tutorphil said...

Hi Jacky - time to listen! We've talked about this - everyone has talked about this - DO IT ACCORDING TO THE BRIEF!

Jacky Wootton said...

My apologies it was originally meant to be saved as a draft for back-up (incase something went wrong)and so I could work on it today and wont forget the points I've made however I clicked "published" by mistake it seems to have gone on to the blogger.

Phil is it possible to send me a link to the brief as I can't seem to find it?

Again: my apologies for everything. Phil had a word with me and I am taking heed of the talk. This was just a draft to be edited for when I jump back into it.