Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Art class: the drawing of a clown

 During class we had to sit around our model that was dressed as a clown called Bubbles. He performed a couple of poses for us as we had a set time limit to draw him. I first used pencil to sketch him however due to lost track of time I couldn't put as much detail as I wanted. the second time I used charcoal to draw him however the time limit was in 3 minutes so I had to rush. The last picture I drew in pencil ,as I felt comfortable, and the time was extended but however he had to sit in the opposite direction so I had to draw from memory, which was mainly the shading.


tutorphil said...

some nice stuff here, Jacky! :)

Anderson Moshi said...

Hey Jacky,

Your last drawing is very well done, you got the clothing done pretty well, good observation!