Thursday, 9 October 2014

First art class

First art class.
The object.
We had an object placed in front of us for the class to sketch.

My drawing of the object. We had to draw what was in front of us by using a pencil. This is how my work turned out. Personally I think it could of turned out better by darkening the lines I've already drew.

The space in between drawing. This is something I believe I've never done before, the class had to draw or fill in the spaces in between the object. I drew the main part of the object with the gaps that I meant to be the rope around the object.

Drawing in chuckhole. I ha great difficulty drawing in chuckhole as the feel of it makes me cringe. I tried my best continuing to draw despite that however I ended up with this, which I'm not too proud off.

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tutorphil said...

Hi Jacky - for your reference, it's charcoal, not *chuckhole*... *chuckhole* sounds like something truly horrible...