Thursday, 20 November 2014

Green light review presentation (19/11/2014)

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tutorphil said...

OGR 20/11/2014

Hi Jacky,

Okay - first impression is a simple one: why are you obscuring all the interesting, speculative elements of your world (i.e. residences derived from Tiffany lamps) under the canopies of trees, and why is a generic path + lots and lots of grass taking up the lion's share of your composition? Remember - the emphasis of the project is on design, and there's no design available to me - there's lots of leaves and and lots of grass and there's a path too - but as for those architectural elements, and all the 'what if-ness' of the challenge... hmmm.

You need to invert the emphasis here, Jacky - more design content, less 'nature' - I want to see you actually design something!