Friday, 14 November 2014

Thumbnails on Louis Comfort Tiffany's City

Louis Comfort Tiffany city thumbnails
(by Jacky Wootton)
Considering that Louis' art theme is mainly based on nature I mainly focused on that while also thinking about how people would live there. In these thumbnails drawings I've drawn some ideas that would make this city a beautiful place to live in considering that he believes that nature is beautiful. I mainly drawn the city in a nice peaceful utopia where plants and leafs are breakable glass. I researched a few flowers and trees and tried to see if I can create them in a stain glass form, which is an art technique Louis is known for.  I created houses that people co-exist with the plant and decided that their buildings should be up high where they can see a beautiful view by having the houses built between or on the trees with bridges connecting to each other.

(Last one was done by Jordan Buckner to help me come up with ideas).  

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tutorphil said...

Hi jacky - did you get my email re. your proforma for Invisible Cities? Drop an email to confirm when you've received it/read it. Thanks.