Wednesday, 5 November 2014

presenation on Louis comfort tiffany



Emma Morley said...

Hey Jacky! Great start, but it's hard to see your thumbnails. Is it possible to darken them a bit or put them up on your blog separately so they come up a little clearer? I really want to see your ideas! :)

Jacky Wootton said...

Sadly not now as I've also just notice that problem as soon as I've posted it up but I should be able to tomorrow or Friday but thank you anyway.

tutorphil said...

OGR 06/11/2014

Hi Jacky,

I'm a bit confused by your travelogue - in so much, I wasn't sure if everything in your world is glass? Also I wasn't sure about the whole 'eco' element and how that derives from Tiffany's design methods/materials. I like the idea of the glass bridge, but you seem to have a world made of glass (including animals) but also with wooden bridges, and in a world made of glass, why are we worrying about the environment? Like I said, your vision isn't easy to follow - and your thumbnails do not help.

I'm going to be completely honest with you Jacky; this OGR tells me that you're still not truly awake to the realities of this course and its expectations around work-rate and creative engagement. Your thumbnails are presented poorly - so much so I can't see them - and you've generated so few, that it could be day 2 of week 1! You should be far in advance of this stage, Jacky and it's actually very difficult to feedback constructively when you have moved such a short distance in terms of thinking and doing.

In simple terms, you need to have more ideas more quickly, you need to make more work and more quickly and you need to stop doing whatever it is you're doing that is preventing you from engaging more completely with your project briefs. Your work-rate is unsatisfactory and it's preventing you from developing creatively.

I want you to look again at Tiffany and move beyond the 'stain glass' element. Of course that's important - and how exciting in terms of your city - and I want you think more structurally; look at architectural structures that share the same characteristics of Tiffany's designs; for example:

Kew Gardens:,%20London

The Crystal Palace

I also want you look at and research the art movement that Tiffany was a part of : Art Nouveau - by doing so, you'll be able to open up your visual reference beyond the idea of his lamps alone.

Jacky Wootton said...

My apologies. Yes I understand that the thumbnails did not appear on screen as well as I would of hoped. I was mainly saying that the trees and anything man-built is made out of wood (or whatever the stick of the lamp is made out of)and anything nature is made out of glass(Grass, flowers, animals, leafs, everything except the bark of the trees, golden yellow road and pool).

I've done quite a bit of research on my artist and I found out that Louis likes to show his audience nature but if humans lived in this nature area then it would be ruined or tampered with. So I did more research and looked into eco-friendly tree house, which I thought Louis might of wanted if he wanted humans to live in it with an amazing view and beauty.

I know my thumbnails are getting behind and I'm still doing it now as we speak.