Monday, 16 February 2015

Concept art location: Cosmetic surgery clinic and inside patient's body

The design of the cosmetic surgery clinic is the same as the original design however I removed the shrinking machine as I thought it would be pointless and a waste of time so instead I would use the hoover device to shrink the user by itself. This room has a TV so that the doctors can see where the Diver (frogman) is located within the body. The blue lines at the bottom are energy streams that powers up everything within that room making anything impossible possible.  I'm personally not proud of this art work as it looks unappealing and trying to think of techniques that could make it look more professional and thinking about what to do with it. The colours are bland (Most of it being grey) but I researched many designs for cosmetic surgery clinic and they all look basically like this only I made some changes. 

This is what it will look like inside the body where the Diver (frogman) is exploring. The red circler objects are known as red blood cells and I thought it might be interesting to see the diver swim past them.  considering that some fat can clog up in these parts of the body it would make sense to have the battle scene happen here. Personally I quite like this art work compare to the cosmetic surgery clinic as I love the bright red tunnel that seems to go on forever and the red cells can also have a part in making this location feel more alive and dangerous to be in. I looked into the blood cells and what they may look like and I feel as though that I captured their look on how floaty they can be. 

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