Monday, 9 March 2015

Photoshop class (hand drawing) 9/3/15

In class we had to draw five different hand poses in one hour, sadly I only managed to complete 3 poses during that time as I wanted to get the technique right, after the time limit had gone we had a choice to continue this task for those who didn't complete it in time or copy from an artist work and analyse the colours. I continued as I believe hand drawing may coming in handy for designing characters in the near future. 

The pictures below shows my results of my hard work and careful studying of my left hand. We had to colour it in as well which was quite difficult and i've noticed that I have very grey hands but that could be due to the lighting in the room so the first drawing is a little dull. Jordan noticed this and helped me on the second hand drawing (the middle hand on the first picture) and explained how colours work visually and I took that advice and continued on with the others (as you can see on the second picture).  

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