Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Hi Phil 

Considering that you talked about my character designs on the green light review you didn't say how I could improve it or what I need to look into. you you please comment on what part of my character design that could be expanded or improved, thank you. 

I've uploaded pictures of my characters below. 


tutorphil said...

Evening Jacky,

Well, partly my point for not giving you too much feedback was in the hope that you're produce a bazillion more designs in a fit of creative curiosity! I think my issue is simply that, in terms of design as an ongoing process, I'd like to see you produce more of these sorts of designs - but perhaps move a little further away from the ball with eyes and the sausage with eyes - I think you can keep things nice and simple, but develop a range of quirky, striking and appealing elements:

for your inspiration then:


All these examples use very simple shapes, but enrich with lots of character. I think you need to work harder at 'designing' something with charm and appeal!

Jacky Wootton said...

Thank you, I understand what you mean now.

Also thank you for the examples they really did help.