Thursday, 5 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage OGR


tutorphil said...

OGR 06/03/2015

Hi Jacky,

Okay - so you've got a pretty solid concept here - though you mention that the narrator will be 'giving out lessons'... does that mean he'll be narrating/speaking/talking to camera? If so that means a script and a voice-over artist... Getting all that content into script is a big job in itself, so don't underestimate it. Also - if the narrator is talking, this will entail somekind of lip-synch. You saw with the 'snails' animation, that you can achieve this by compositing 2d lips onto a 3d model... I guess my point is that your idea brings with it a bunch of other jobs you'll have to plan for and execute and it would be good I think if you clarified your intentions further in terms of how the information is going to be given away by the character.

In terms of character design, obviously you're keeping things simple, but I do want to see you pushing the design process more professionally - and with more innate curiosity - i.e. I want to see many more iterations of your characters as you seek to derive the 'most perfect' version of the image in your head.

So - this is a simple idea with lots of potential - but there's a bunch of other jobs to do in order to get it to happen within the timeframe. I suggest you make a timetable - and day lists - to ensure you know what order you're working in, and what needs to happen by when.

Jacky Wootton said...

Understood and I shall bare the comments in mind.

I was going to say that I found a substitution idea for the lip-synch. I was planning to have the character dance, bounce or move around on the spot so that children can understand who is talking to them and that's why I design my character without mouths.

I understand I had simple designs, mainly on the good protagonist, but children probably could find it easy to see and understand as well as find it appealing and eye catching.

That been said I shall bare the comments in mind, thank you.