Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hi Phil
I took you advice and continued on selecting more shapes and designed characters for my assignment. I looked into cubes and came up with a new ideas and wanted to know what you think.
The first picture below is more character designs. I've taken a liking to number five as something for the flu to inflect. It will float around and move it's body like a rubix cube that has a bright blue glow, which children can easily tell that it is the "good guy" and as for a little bonus for the character design I'm adding the Binary code that'll change rapidly.
 My idea is still the same in terms of moving around within the body like a rollercoaster however visually it will be set in a digital world, where the characters and settings looks like it is inside of an computer, which children might find more appealing. I quickly drawn up what it would basically look like on the second picture below. 
I look forward to hearing your opinions.



tutorphil said...

I like this digital/minecraft aesthetic, Jacky - maybe it needs to get 'more' minecraft?

Jacky Wootton said...

Sounds good. I'm actually happy and relieved to hear that.