Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Character design class 2

This time in class, Justin told us about character design can reflect on the backstory of the character like why is he/she wearing those clothes etc. We was given a type of stereotype and had to design based on that we have been given. I got clown so I designed a female clown character that looked like an anti-hero. I designed her with a black and white striped top that says she was imprisoned. The scar on her left cheek is in the shape of a star that's normally on a clown so I thought it would add to her as a character and dark backstory. The reason why she is dressed up is that she just wants to have fun and bring happiness and joy to people that never experienced it while getting rid of the world for their sins, with an iconic look that people will know and fear. 

This is my character design of my clown.

We then had to create another character that's based of an object. I got kitchen cabinet, which means that I would need to design a character from that area. I choose a spray bottle that is rarely used and therefore old so I used the trigger button as a mustache and placed eyes on top as a face. I thought that the bottle looked bland so I drew a suit and tie giving him an old fashion style as well as glasses as his vision is not as good as it used to be and for that reason the sight goes away with age.  

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