Sunday, 18 January 2015

Life Drawing class

This time we had a female model that we had to sketch, here are my results of my effort. I asked the teacher if instead using easels that I could use the donkey so that I could rest my arm and that it would be easier for me to draw. 

The last drawing the teacher suggested that instead of a normal HB pencil maybe I would like to try something with more colour so it would stand out. I selected a green pencil from the box and proceed to sketch the model. Personally I prefer taking my time to draw instead of rushing five minutes for each sketch however that been said I do believe that the quick sketches helped me with processing information on the paper faster.

1 comment:

Samantha said...

Hi Jacky,

I really like the green drawing! I think you managed to capture the model's sadness/tiredness.

I think with the pencil one you could try (in the future) taking them into Photoshop and changing the contrast a bit, so they would be more readable.

Anyway, good job! Keep them coming :))