Thursday, 15 January 2015

Script wrighting idea

 Character: Diver (Frogman)

Prop: Hoover

Location: Cosmetic surgery clinic

Idea number 1: Surgery is taking place and there is a problem that the germs or disease increase in size and numbers and in order to save the man the doctor sends over a diver to be shrunken and dived in to the wound where he’ll use the hoover to suck up the disease and then succeed.


tutorphil said...

Hey Jacky - I think you're onto something good here! Maybe you can simplify the premise even further, and make it a specialist cosmetic surgery clinic that specialises in 'nano-surgery' - i.e. the whole premise of the clinic is that it sends submariners into the body with hoovers to suck out impurities etc. I'm sure you're aware of this film already (and if not, you soon will be because I use it as a preface to your commission project) :

and also:\\

and also:

Thing is - with this great premise - you now need an actual story... conflict/tension/problem!

Jacky Wootton said...

Thank you for the links (Some unknown reason the second link didn't work).

I haven't seen Fantastic Voyage, although it looks like fun and I will look forward to watching it. Judging by the trailer that is the sort of idea I was thinking of.

As for Osmosis Jones, I haven't seen that either but the germs looks to humanoid from what I was imagining. However thank you for the clips.